Premier Placements

Premier Placements is a mobile app that allows multi-unit dwelling maintenance workers to get assignment alerts, accept assignments and keep a schedule of their availability and assigned jobs.

Stakeholder Interview

I first interviewed the Premier Placements company owners to determine the primary goal of the app, which was to enable users to accept and track assignments. Their old system lacked a central location for information and required the manager to call the workers, which was often difficult if the worker was unavailable. The other issue is that workers had to track assignments on their own, which led to forgotten assignments, double booking, etc.

The User

Users are typically independent contractors and not extremely tech-savvy, but almost always had a smartphone. They often wrote down the new assignment on whatever paper was available or didn’t write it down at all if paper/pen weren’t handy.

Because of the user’s lower tech abilities I wanted all interaction with the app to be simple to understand and simple to use.

App Workflow

How it worked: The office manager receives calls from a facility needing maintenance. The manager uses the Premier Placements admin tool (not shown) to send a notification through the mobile app to a maintenance worker that the assignment is available. If the worker is interested, they accept the assignment through the mobile app.

New Assignment User Journey

One of the primary needs for the app was to allow management to easily notify a contractor of new assignments and to allow those contractors to easily view and respond to the offer. We wanted this process to be as small and direct as possible to reduce effort within the app.

Premier Placements User Journey Map

App Overview and Screens

The manager would field a call and send an alert to the maintenance worker notifying them of a new job. User would tap the alert to launch the app.

Premier Placements Alert Screen

Once launched, the app displays a dashboard showing today’s schedule and new assignment offers. Secondary actions includes the ability to view and set availability and view their schedule.

Premier Placements Dashboard

New Assignment Details
From the Dashboard the user taps one of the new assignment offers which brings them to the New Assignment Details scree.

With the user tech skills and workload in mind I designed this screen to be to-the-point and light on cognitive load by giving the simple Accept or Decline choices.

Premier Placements New Assignment Details

Users can manage their own availability by tapping a date and selecting which days they are available.

Days are broken down into morning and afternoon availability as the typical job was billed in half day increments.

Dates/times that are booked are indicated in purple while gray indicates the user is available. Green indicates a date that the user has marked themselves as unavailable.

Premier Placements Availability Calendar Premier Placements Date Picker