Kansas Livestock Association Environmental Services

The KLA Environmental Services is a responsive web app that allows ranchers and farmers to easily gather information and send to the KLA. That information is then compiled into reports and sent to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

How it works

Field Managers would gather information on field usage, livestock, feed, waste, water, etc. and input it into the application. The KLA staff then reviews the information and generates the reports.

Problems addressed

The previous workflow required Field Managers to manually fill out paperwork and send scans to the KLA, or call in and report the information to KLA staff. The KLA would then manually input all the information into a system of spreadsheets and generate the reports. This process was extremely time consuming and prone to errors.

The User - Field Manager

Field Managers varied in tech knowledge, but most carried smart phones. Through discussions with KLA staff we determined that the Field Managers had experience with mobile apps that required multi-level navigation and form interactions.

The following are some screens from Field Manager user interface.

App Overview and Screens

This is the primary form for collecting information for the KDHE Operations Report. The Field Manager determines the duration of the data being collected, assigned the field it related to, solid condition and so on.

Kansas Livestock Association Primary Screen

Some aspects of the app collect variable information requiring different input based on user selection. In this example the user selects the type of liquid waste (variable options on next page).

Kansas Livestock Association Variable Information Collection

Variable inputs change based on the users choice of Solids or Liquids.

Kansas Livestock Association Variable Options Based on Selection