I'm Rus Anderson

Rus Anderson - UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer

I’m part designer - part developer with some decent marketing chops. I take complex concepts and make them easy for your customer to understand, navigate and use. I can gather requirements from the CEO, create the wireframes and hi-res comps for the marketing team then build the front end for the development team.


Ryan Strait


Rus is a motivated, intelligent, and creative individual. He was always highly available and responsive. Rus can always be counted on to take basic concepts and ideas and turn them into extremely user friendly, beautifully designed solutions. He has a vision for the end product that made working with him enjoyable.

Debra Kunz

OneSystem Group, LLC/Capgemini

Rus understands, and can create, the business strategy driving his designs and is gifted in putting them together. He is easy to work with, experienced at his craft, and valuable to a team. I truly enjoyed our time working together.

Ian Cazabat

CGX Media

Rus has always been a great pleasure to work with! His creative designs & ability to come up with new & exciting concepts constantly amazed me.

Merrit Strunk

Creative Marketing

Rus is a talented creative mind and teammate. Rus was an integral part of bringing video marketing to the organization. His creative insight, video production acumen and energetic approach made him a joy to work with.

Pat Noonan

Lehman Brothers - Crossroads Group

Over the last year I have worked with Rus on severl projects large and small. His work was always proficient and accurate. he was a pleasure to work with as well and I would use Rus again if given the opportunity.



Team leadership | Vendor relations | Technical and procedural research and analysis | Business analysis | Task assignment based on skills, strengths and personality

Web Design | UI | UX | Front End Development

Complete Website design | User Stories | User Flow | Wireframing | UI & UX Planning and Execution | Front-end development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap | Responsive Development | Cross Browser Compatibility | Collaboration with developers | Project & Product Management | A/B Testing | Conversion Optimization | SEO

Video/Audio Production

Coordination of complete production cycle | Directing talent | Videography | Editing with Final Cut Pro, Avid, Premier | Lighting (video & stage) | Complete setup of production suite (Shooting, Editing) /Green Screen keying | Audio production for video, studio (CD production) and live (concert production) | Script writing | Encoding for streaming online | Youtube management | Motion Graphics